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The ÜberSoldaten, or Robotersoldaten are human-sized military robots used by the Nazis in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Wolfenstein: YoungbloodEdit



Damaged ÜberSoldat in action in Area 52.

A substitute for the Guard Robot in garrisons within the American Territories, these mechanical soldiers are built to imitate human proportions, in stark contrast to the hulking military robots seen in contemporary Europe. With a skeletal head and a powerful chassis frame, the ÜberSoldat's main advantage is its incredible speed and high agility, allowing it to sprint and jump great distances and even stick to walls. Its offensive weapons are two powerful energy weapons attached to its arms, which it uses to fire rapid volleys of blasts at potential foes. Their design sacrifices heavy armour to achieve their mobility, rendering them much more vulnerable to small arms than larger robots.

B.J. can encounter card-board ÜberSoldat's on the Eva's Hammer in the Killhouse. B.J. encounters them in Area 52 after unlocking the rocket train, with two jumping on the glass and going into their position or attacking him if he alerted the area. Afterward, they appear through the game, often stationed or ready to attack B.J. Blazkowicz. They start to appear less for favor of the Laserhund, but still make appearances.

1980 Edit

In Youngblood, Übersoldaten units, now referred to as Robotersoldaten (Robot soldiers), can be encountered by Jessie "Jes" and Zofia "Soph" Blazkowicz in Neu-Paris, this time sporting black-and-red paint jobs.

Strategy Edit

The ÜberSoldat is an extremely agile enemy, and can be deadly from a distance, firing bursts of energy while constantly moving throughout the map, taking advantage of walls and platforms to stay out of the reach of the player. They may also shift quickly in the horizontal distance which breaks the player's aim on them if hit by a non-fatal shot, and they also throw Handgranate with the diesel upgrade that explode on impact, making them deadly enemies if the player does not deal with them quickly enough.

A simple strategy is to saturate them with fire from automatic weapons. Schockhammer X and Sturmgewehr upgraded with Armor-piercing rounds are the best choices for the job, while the LaserKraftWerk can also be devastating if the shot hits the mark. Their speed makes them hard to flank but if the opportunity presents itself, the glowing power cell on an ÜberSoldat's back is a weak point. Lastly, ÜberSoldat can be taken down with a melee takedown.

When the player is in stealth in certain areas ÜberSoldaten will be found standing completely still, seemingly in a stand-by mode. In this state they do not react unless they are provoked or the alarm is raised, making them easy to destroy with stealth takedowns. If one is found standing about or walking around, their eyes turn red on alert when spotting you.

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Trivia Edit

  • Their appearance and behavior resembles the Assaultron robots from Fallout 4
  • The ÜberSoldat's behavior is very similar to that of the Imps from the Doom franchise, particularly Doom (2016).
  • The skull-like visage of the ÜberSoldat could be a reference to the Totenkopf, a skull and crossbones symbol that represented the SS. This is also the nickname (in German) of Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, who most likely designed the robots.
  • Occasionally, deactivated Übersoldaten can be found hung on special racks for maintenance in Nazi military installations in 1960s America and 1980s Neu-Paris.

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