Gerhardt Dunkel as Übercommander.

"Alright, Blazkowicz. While the guys are off kicking ass and and I are gonna tie some loose ends by taking out any Übercommanders left on the board. Get on the Engima machine and the war map and do you thing. I'll be your com support. Come on, let's pave the way for our people on the ground."
Grace Walker to B.J. on dealing with the Übercommanders.[src]

Übercommanders (Supercommanders) are highly influential and important commanders in German military who are under command of General Irene Engel. They are currently stationed in the United States of America and B. J. Blazkowicz is tasked to assassinate them all. According to Grace Walker, killing all the Übercommanders will destabilize the entire Nazi chain of command in the US by making sure Engel will not have any successors.

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Enigma console and killing board.

Their locations are available through deciphering enigma codes using enigma console and their profiles are also available through killing board specially throughout the whole United States of America. All these will become available once you bring New Orleans dossier from Manhattan bunker. Both are in Eva's Hammer.

Not all Übercommanders are German, such as Roderick Metze, a former American dentist. But due to The Freedom Chronicles being non-canon, this is yet to be seen. After B.J. successfully assassinates all Übercommanders, the entire Nazi chain of command in the US crumbles leading to disorganization of the Nazi occupational force in the US.


  • They essentially act like commanders. They will call reinforcements when they find B.J. and distance is shown thanks to their radio transmission. However they wear side caps, unlike usual commanders who wear peak caps.

They have higher durability than usual troops and are equipped with a kampfpistole. Kampfpistoles will do extremely high damage and knock down B.J.. Alongside with high health this makes them a very dangerous foe if you fight them directly.

  • It is recommended to use stealth, or end the fight immediately by combat take down or using maximum firepower as much as possible.

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