Abby "Super Spesh" Caldwell/Walker is the daughter of Grace Walker and Norman Caldwell. She is a supporting character that will appear in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Abby is also a good friend of both William J. Blazkowicz twin daughters, Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz.

Personality Edit

Abby is an intelligent and practical young woman. However, she shares her father anti-authoritative attitude and often shows rebellious tendency towards authoritative figure, even her mother. Consequently, Grace often has some trouble keeping her in line.

She also cares less about what people thinks about her.

The New ColossusEdit

Abby first appeared as an infant during the events of The New Colossus. William Blazkowicz had traveled to the ruins of New York City looking to recruit the resistance cell located in the ruins of the Empire State Building in the hopes of liberating the American continent from Nazi rule. After a tense introduction, Abby's mother, Grace Walker, spoke with Blazkowicz about joining the Kreisau Circle resistance while breastfeeding Abby, whom Blazkowicz mistakenly called a boy. Immediately after, the resistance cell's location was attacked by Nazi forces but were routed after an intense firefight, after which the resistance cell, along with Grace and Abby, were evacuated to the Eva's Hammer which was serving as the Kreisau Circle's base of operations.

Grace Walker and Abby take up Caroline Becker's cabin on the bridge of the Eva's Hammer, where Abby remains there for the rest of the New Colossus.


Abby returns in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, now nineteen years old. When William Blazkowicz goes missing after a mission to New Paris and the Global Resistance seems unwilling to mount a mission to find him, Abby assists Blazkowicz's daughters Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz on their own mission to find him. Abby initially finds the two sisters to be 'weird' after they show a desire to fight the Nazis, but ultimately helps them, seen flying a VTOL while the two sisters undertake their mission.

Abilities Edit

  • Advanced Scientific Understanding: Abby shows herself to be a prodigy in science at early age. Because of her intelligence, she managed to master Da'at Yichud tech quite quickly under Seth Roth's tutelage.
  • Hacking: Abby is a proficient hacker.



The New ColossussEdit


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