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Abigor is a demonic entity that is not seen in the Spear of Destiny games, but is mentioned in the Spear of Destiny Ultimate Challenge hint-book. Described as a "Demon of Darkness", he is the commander of sixty infernal legions, and knows many secrets.

After regaining the Spear of Destiny, Adolf Hitler summons Abigor to Earth in a secret ritual under the city of Berlin. Abigor appears to the Nazi leader as a warrior mounted on a winged horse, and speaks to him with "a deep, unearthly voice that breaks the silence of the room". Hitler asked him to show him the future, and teach him all the secrets of war and its deadly weapons.

Abigor orders the Devil Incarnate to help Hitler protect the Spear of Destiny. B.J. broke Abigor's spell when he defeated the Devil Incarnate.

Behind the scenes[]

Abigor is based on Eligos, the Grand Duke of Hell in the Ars Goetia.