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"Super Spesh: Oh come on, How’s he supposed to talk to me when he’s got that-that-that gag thing covering his mouth?
Zimmermann: Not my problem. It stays on.
Super Spesh: Oh, Christ! Will you just give us some privacy, please!
―Adolf Zimmermann and Super Spesh bickering about B.J’s trial in Washington[src]

Oberschütze (Private First Class) Adolf Zimmermann is a member of Frau Engel's SS units.

Zimmermann (right) after Irene Engel shot Super Spesh dead.


Not much is known about Zimmermann's history, other than the fact that his actions in battle earned him a position under the command of Irene Engel, when she began hunting down B.J. Blazkowicz.


Based on his brief appearance, he is shown to be callous and deceptive, as he is shown lulling Super Spesh into a false sense of security to draw his attention away from Irene Engel, who promptly shoots him, as well as bluntly declaring, in English, his refusal to remove the ball-gag affixed to B.J.'s mouth, indicating also that he is among the few Nazis who have any level of understanding of the English language. He is also shown to be a man of few words, as he barely speaks unless spoken to, during his already brief appearance.

The New Colossus[]

Zimmermann was assigned to guard Blazkowicz when he was captured. He got into a heated argument with the Lawyer, who was secretly Super Spesh in disguise. Spesh asked for the ball-gag to be removed, to which Zimmermann refused, even going as far as to declare that it was “not [his] problem”, before asking him for some privacy. Zimmermann silently obliged and left the room, only to later return upon hearing Spesh ask for help, entering the room and finding him with a bloodied nose saying B.J. punched him and escaped through a door to his right.

Zimmermann feigned going to investigate, only for Spesh to try to stab him in the skull. This fails, as he is shot by Engel who was outside the door, revealing they knew about the attempted rescue mission.

He, along with his fellow guards, watched as Engel mocked Blazkowicz, doing things such as putting her gun in his mouth and asking him what was the taste of the gun that killed his friend. After Engel left to "join in on the fun" with the remaining Resistance members in the garage, Zimmermann placed the hood back on Blazkowicz's head. (Zimmermann could've been a spy, an actor or a wrestler, though this remains unknown.)

It is unknown what happened to him after his sole appearance in The New Colossus. The Resistance members organize the Second American Revolution, and manage to kill Engel, so it can be hypothesized he either was killed by rebels during the revolutionary riots, or escaped America and returned back to Germany along with other fellow soldiers who survived the revolution.


  • His lastname means "Carpenter" in german.