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"We have lots to do, many valuable parts that must be saved from ending up in the landfill. But we are highly capable. You are good, strong men with love in your hearts and a belief in a brighter future for all of Germany. Believe in yourselves, because I believe in you. Make our Dear Leader proud. Carry on!"
―Albert Grosse’s speech to his troops[src]

Brigadeführer Albert Grosse was a Überkommandant in the Nazi Party and target in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


Before 1961[]

Albert Grosse, was a well known soldier who had a impressive 12 years of service (this would mean that he had been part of Nazi Germany since 1938), and was wounded in battle that caused him to receive a blind eye. He was also a highly decorated officer for defending the moon base in Antarctica from an attempted attack in 1949, as well as his heroism in the incident of Nebraska in 1959, and for killing 2 as well as capturing 12 terrorists in the American Territories. This record allowed him to be placed under the command of General Engel.


"Thank you Blazkowicz. I'll let Horton know your still looking out for New Orleans. Grace out."

He was sent in New Orleans, Ghetto in the lake view district to salvage the remain of the Zitadelle robot, in the lake side district where B.J. destroyed it during his distraction to enable Horton and his men to evacuate the Ghetto. However despite the fact that the job at first seemed as a "junk collector" job, the job was far more important than it seemed.

As to build a new Zitadelle while be very expensive, as it costs over 100 million Reichsmarks, Grosse appeared to see the damage that was done upon the machine to see if any weaknesses are involved, as so to avoid having to place any improvements upon the design.

He is killed by B.J. who was hunting down the Nazi leadership, as to ensure Engel would have no successor, and the remains of the robot stays rotten in the Ghetto, along with Grosse's corpse.


Albert Grosse has more character development than most of the Ubercommanders. He is shown to be an effective, influential leader, as indicated by his speech to his soldiers.


  • His surname, Grosse, is probably a reference to Hans Grosse.
  • Even though he is salvaging the remains of the Zitadelle, you don't necessarily have to destroy it in order for this mission to exist. In other words, no matter if you ignore or destroy the robot during the main campaign, this mission will exist in both cases.
  • upon closer inspection of his mugshot, one of his irises is colored differently from the other one. This may imply that he has heterochromia.