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American Resistance is the network of multiple resistances groups that opposes the Nazi occupation in the American Territories.

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Founded by a handful of people ranging from civilians to ex-military personnel, following the end of World War II. The group scattered across the U.S.A. in an attempt to revolt against the Nazis, but was crushed every time from the year of 1945 to 1960 with after many failed efforts in fighting the Nazi regime, they nearly lost their hope. However, everything changed when B.J and the Kreisau Circle arrived and helped them launch the Second American Revolution.

The Resistance first appearance was Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus where they played a major role. Following the death of Nazi supreme commander Obergruppenführer Irene Engel, The American Resistance have established another front to fight the Nazi worldwide called the Global Resistance with most of the members absorbed into it.


Active prior to July 1961[]

Recruited in July 1961[]

  • William J. Blazkowicz - primary combatant, assassin, saboteur and morale booster
  • Anya Oliwa - nurse and combatant
  • Fergus Reid (determinate) - Leader of the Kreisau Circle and pilot
  • Probst Wyatt III (determinate) - Leader of the Kreisau Circle and pilot
  • Set Roth - omnidisciplinary scientist, engineer and doctor (Deceased)
  • Bombate - combatant and pilot
  • Max Hass - combatant, occasional errand boy and painter.
  • Presumably all other surviving Kreisau Circle personnel
  • Sigrun Engel (defected from the Nazis) - technician and informant

Fictional members[]

The following individuals only appear in The Freedom Chronicles which exist as works of literary fiction within the Wolfenstein setting; as such their existence, and the veracity of the events involving them, within the "real" chronology is questionable at best.


Weapon and vehicles[]