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The Ammo Pack

The Ammo Pack[1] (sometimes referred to as Ammopack[2]) is an item found in the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D and ports based off of it. The Ammo Pack increases how many bullets can be held. The increased capacity depends of the game; in the Mac and 3DO ports, it will allow the player to hold up to 299 bullets. In the SNES port, picking one up will increase the player's bullet capacity to 199, picking up another one will increase it again to 299. After that, an ammo pack cannot be picked up. Like the SNES' Ammo Pack, the Jaguar port's Ammo Pack will allow the player to hold 250 bullets, then picking up another ammo pack will allow him to hold 350 bullets. In addition to increasing bullet capacity, it gives the player 20 bullets, 5 rockets and 2 flamethrower ammo, regardless of the port.


The Ammo Pack is extremely useful, so grab it as soon as you can. E1M01 has one in the dog portion of the map, so get it!


  • The Ammo Pack is originally from Doom.
  • In the prototype of the SNES port, the Ammo Pack is a bandolier.

Bandolier in SNES port beta.


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