Ammunition is used to fire weapons. The mechanics behind ammunition have changed throughout the Wolfenstein series.

Wolfenstein 3D Edit

In the original Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, only one kind of ammunition exists, referred to as Bullets and shared by the three available guns:

Only 99 (maximum of 350 in the Mac Family, thanks to ammopacks) rounds of bullets can be held, so the player must be careful not to quickly use all of it.

In the Mac Family, two new types of ammo are introduced Fuel for the Flamethrower and Rockets for the Rocket Launcher.

Sources of Ammo Edit

Every enemy except bosses and dogs drop ammo upon death, in the form of a half-used magazine with four bullets. An exception is the SS: if one dies and the player does not have a Machine Gun, he will instead drop a machine gun with six bullets. (Though, they can sometimes drop machine guns in the Mac Family or if the player doesn't pick up the Machine Gun before killing another SS officer)

The Ammo Box appears in Spear of Destiny, as well as the Mac Family.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Edit

In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the different guns use different kinds of ammunition.