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Angel of Death
Animated Angel of Death.gif
HP 1450/1550/1650/2000[1]
Points 5000
Weapon Magical Orbs (projectile)

The Angel of Death is the final boss of Spear of Destiny. After grabbing the Spear, B.J. Blazkowicz (the player) is teleported to Hell, where he must defeat the demonic Angel in order to prove that he is worthy enough to wield the Spear. The Angel's only method of attack is firing powerful orbs at a target. After defeat, he explodes in a blood pile.

In the mission packs, the Devil Incarnate takes his place.


A word of warning; if you are not prepared to fight the Angel, do not go into the hallway behind the concrete building where you start the map. He is just past it.

When you're ready, approach the Angel. Once he sees you, he'll begin firing orbs. Lure him into the area where the concrete building is. When he gets there, hide near the concrete building, then pop out and quickly circle strafe (or just run past) him and run to the other side of the building while firing your Chain Gun. If you run, you should outpace his orbs. Wait a second so that he stops firing orbs, then repeat the process.

After firing three consecutive orbs, the Angel will pause for a few seconds. Use this time to attack him or restock on ammo or health.

Don't worry about the Ghosts throughout the level; the area that you'll lure the Angel to is far enough from them that you don't have to worry about them surprising you. They can also be "disabled" for a few seconds with a couple of shots.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Id claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Prove your worth, human!"[2]
File: "ANGELSIGHTSND". Spoken on seeing the player.
"You may wield the Spear...."[2]
File: "ANGELDEATHSND". Spoken on death.


Angel of Death in the Wolfenstein video graphic novel part 2.

  • The name of the boss, Angel of Death, may be a reference to Josef Mengele, whose nickname was also Angel of Death. It may also be a reference to Azrael, the Jewish Angel of Death.
  • Angel of Death is the only enemy in Wolfenstein 3D era games (not counting ports with censorship) who speaks with B.J. in English.


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