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Anton Kreige talking along with his elder brother Stefan about B.J. Blazkowicz

Anton Kriege (aka Anton Kreig) is a character in Wolfenstein, the younger brother of Stefan Kriege and also a minor antagonist. He works along with his brother in the Black Market to provide ammo to the Kreisau Circle and Nazis. He was shot dead by his brother after he revealed that he had been collaborating with the Nazis the whole time, from the arrival to the capture of Caroline Becker. It is also possible that he had been working with Leonid Alexandrov, to ensure that the Nazi occupation stayed.


  • Golden Dawn members mention that his body lies in the drain of the Downtown area after his elder brother shot him. However, it is never seen anywhere.
  • Through the early part of the game Anton Kriege is researching on Blazkowicz's backround and purpose in Isenstadt, he discovers he is a member of the OSA, and also that he had something to do with the recovery of the Spear of Destiny, wondering how much it would be worth (this is something that the second part of the Graphic novels goes into more detail with and the game Spear of Destiny).
  • The captain of the Eva's Hammer in Wolfenstein: The New Order has a similar name: Anton Krieger.