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List of Notable Quotes made by Anya Oliwa.

The New Order[]

"I have waited for you for so long."
―Anya's first words to B.J., wheeling him into the Asylum (spoken in Polish).[src]
"He's awake!"
"How can you tell?"
"Trust me mother, I know."
"Darling! Your daughter has mysterious powers!"
"She's your daughter. I only donated the secret sauce."
―Anya, Róża and Krzysztof Oliwa.[src]
"Soon all this will be over. I'll put you here by the window in the light."
―Anya to B.J. after Keller forced her father to give patients away.[src]
"Dad? Mom? Dad, no! Help! Help, help, help, help me! Help! Help!"
―Anya being dragged away by Nazis after seeing her parents' death.[src]
―Anya to Friedrich Keller before B.J.'s kills the Nazis.[src]
"You're a soldier. You can fight. Who are you?"
―Anya to B.J. driving away from the Asylum (spoken in Polish)[src]
"Are you fit to drive?"
"Where to?"
―Anya and B.J. leaving the Asylum.[src]
"It's 1960."
"Yes. You stayed with us for fourteen years. It's 1960.
―Anya and B.J.[src]
"The USA, they uhm...What's the word? To surrender?"
―Anya replying on the USA losing the war.[src]
"We ask for your mercy, Lord,... as we make to journey across dark waters. Grant us sound feet...and silent breath. Refuge from the storm...and safe passage...'midst hungry wolves."
―Anya's prayer before journeying to Berlin.[src]
"Is that for me?"
"You know there's just one bed?"
"Are you comfortable sharing?"
―Anya and B.J. on the train to Berlin.[src]
"I know where to go. A way to get inside Eisenwald Prison. There's a hotel, it's on the same street as the Secret Police Headquarters. Everybody knows about it. Secret Police Headquarters is notorious here in Berlin. They bring prisoners inside for questioning. They torture them. And then they drive them back to Eisenwald Prison. If they're still alive."
―Anya explaining Eisenwald Prison to Blazkowicz.[src]
"Do any of you know how to hotwire a car?"
―Anya reuniting with B.J. and Fergus/Wyatt.[src]
"Please tell me you know where to go!"
"Hold this.
―Anya and Fergus escaping the Nazis.[src]
"Please tell me you know where to go!"
"I'm taking you home!
―Anya and Wyatt.[src]
"William. Hold me, I'm freezing."
―Anya to B.J. after swimming into the Monuments of Truth.[src]
"How is this possible? We are in the very center of Berlin. You are hiding in plain sight."
―Anya on how the Kreisau Circle members are hiding in the center of Berlin.[src]
"Why don't you sit with me, Miss Anya? Listen on these frequencies. Anything out of London, make a note of the time and write down as much as you can. Here is pen and paper."
"Can I use your typewriter?"
"You know how to type?"
"Yes. My...parents thought I should learn."
"Ah. For you to take dictation. Prescriptions and such?"
"Not really. It was useful during my time at the University of London. For my doctorate in archeology. Then the blitz came...and I had to go back home. I was only sixteen."
"Well, Doctor. Please. Assist me in figuring out what these damn Nazis are up to.
―Caroline and Anya after escaping from Eisenwald.[src]
"William. Do you have a moment."
―Anya to B.J. before having sex in Kreisau Circle HQ.[src]
"Fucking look at it. Damned monster of a bridge. The Nazi highway to the African front. Fucking genocide enabler."
"The train should be arriving at the bridge any moment now."
"You heard her Blazko! Stand by!
―Ferugs on the bridge.[src]
"Nazis built this bridge three years ago. Straight shot to the African front. They're just devouring Africa like they did everywhere else."
"The train should be arriving at the bridge any moment now."
"It's go time, Cap! Ready up!
―Wyatt and Anya on the train.[src]
"We'll get you out of there. We'll go somewhere. I believe there are still places on this earth where people can go. And live happy."
"I believe so too. But not for me and you.
―Anya and B.J. before his final battle with Deathshead.[src]

The New Colossus[]

"William! William! {...} I see him, Caroline! This way! William. My stupid man. Did you think we would just leave you in here?"
―Anya's first words in The New Colossus[src]
"Don't die. Please, don't die. Caroline, he's dying! He's turning blue!"
―Anya on B.J.'s injuries from Deathshead.[src]
"Whatever it takes, Set, please!"
―Anya pleading to Set to save B.J.'s life.[src]
"Can you feel the kicking?"
―Anya to B.J. on their unborn twins.[src]
"Get off my man! William. Are you alright?"
―Anya after saving B.J.'s life.[src]
"William, I prayed for you to wake up."
"I'm a burden."
Don't be stupid. Okay. Let's get you up."
"You've gotten so fat."
Set says were having twins.
―B.J. and Anya reunite.[src]
"Looks like I got called out."
"Don't go in there, William."
"They have our people."
"She trapped our vessel, Anya, what can we do? You're right, yingele. You'll have to somehow release our U-Boat once you are up there."
"I can't lose you. Your weak, William. You're in no shape to fight."
"I'll find a way.
―B.J., Anya and Set on saving Fergus/Wyatt and Caroline from Engel.[src]
"Find a way to reach the top of the State Building and make contact with the resistance group. Look for elevators, stairs. Anything. The radiation levels should be acceptable at the top of the building."
―Anya to B.J. on meeting with Grace's group at the State Building.[src]
"I feel like you've been avoiding me. What's wrong? Talk to me."
"Look at me, Anya. I'm the damn Tin Man. How'm I gonna get close to you?"
"I don't care. We'll figure something out. We always do. Hey, why, why won't you at least try?"
"Because I'm fucking dying! And the longer we keep pretending it wont happen the harder its gonna be. I'll be in the ground a week from now."
"You don't know that! What you can see the future now? Don't act like you know things you can't possibly know!
―B.J. and Anya's argument.[src]
"Not being there for you. Not rearing up our kids. That's too much to bear."
"Then don't give up William. Cause I will never, ever give up on you. No matter what. Come with me to the showers, hm? We'll take this thing off. I'll clean you up. You smell."
"I take it off...I'm afraid I'll fall apart and the pieces won't fit back together again. I just gotta keep going. For long as I can.
―B.J. and Anya.[src]
"Is this real? Or am I in heaven?
―Anya and B.J. upon awaking in his new body.[src]
"If you die one more time, William...I will murder you."
―Anya to B.J. upon awaking in his new body.[src]
―Anya to B.J. in New Orleans.[src]
"Got it. Looks like the Ausmerzer lost track of us. Clear skies on the scope."
"Frau Engel commands it now... using it to hunt terroists, but in the way back... the Ausmerzer would roam from city to city. Crushing any resistance. Now, if we ignite a revolt, you can be sure the Ausmerzer swoop in... put an end to it before ye can say Hell's bells. Are we gonna start this revolution... we need to put an end to the Ausmerzer firstly."
"So, then we mount a surprise attack. Conquer the Ausmerzer, and use it against the Nazis."
"The Ausmerzer is protected by an automated security system called ODIN. Seen it when I was up there."
"Well hijack the system. Find the ODIN codes and disable the fucking thing. Yeah, but... That kind of information is a top military secret. Only the Oberkommando is privy to it."
"Sounds like your basic Nazi military facility INFIL. I'll break into the Oberkommando and steal the information off their, eh... computing macines. Not a problem."
"Except for the fact that the Oberkommando… is now on fucking planet Venus"
"Ever since you obliterated the Oberkommando at Roswell with the nuclear bloody warhead... the Nazis have been trying to shove the shite back into the horse. So... They moved the Oberkommando to another fucking planet to keep it away from us. All of their top brass, all their top military secrets... have been moved to a fully secured base on Venus. Venus. There is no way you are not making it to Venus, sunshine. I don't care how mighty your arsenal or how much fucking manpower. There is not a hope in hell you can bypass all that security."
"Yeah... Not with that attitude."
"Except maybe there is."
"Whatcha you thinking, Anya?"
"William and I are going for milkshakes.
―Grace, Horton, B.J., Fergus, and Anya on taking over the Ausmerzer.[src]
"His papers are all in his glove box."
"Yeah. What about him?"
"Well, is he a Nazi?"
"You a Nazi, fella? Can't even tell no more. How I look?"
"Like a walrus. Don't forget your luggage.
―Anya and B.J. after capturing Jules Redfield.[src]
"Remember...You are Jules Redfield, professional actor. Traveling to Venus to audition for the part of William Joseph Blazkowicz. Now you are summoned by personal invitation, so security should be minimal. Break a leg."
―Anya to B.J. on the plan.[src]
"Happy birthday, William."
―Anya to B.J. at his birthday party.[src]
―Anya to B.J. on the Ausmerzer.[src]
"Darling...I think I'm done with this."
―Anya after saving William's life once agian.[src]
"Stay on the air. Go do what you have to do, darling."
―Anya to B.J. to assassinate Irene Engel[src]
"Anya. You make me strong ... and weak at the same time. Will you marry me?"
"Oh William.
―B.J. and Anya upon proposal.[src]

Wolfenstein: Youngblood[]

"Five more."
―Anya's first words in Youngblood[src]
"Five more, Zofia. Kick. Kick. Keep your hands up. Again."
"No, no more mamma."
"This is how you die. This is the moment they get you. We die because we let them kills us. You will face a big strong Aryan true believer who can push through pain for one second longer than you do. And that's all it takes."
"When does it stop, mama?"
"Listen, child. To survive is to embrace the suffering. To stand up and carry it. Okay. Now five more. Five more."
"Fuck this."
"Hey. Language, Zofia.
―Anya and Zofia during her training.[src]
"I'm sleeping over."
"Children, can you give us a moment?
―Anya, Abby, and the twins upon Grace coming to the house.[src]
"Weeks passed. The girls are getting worried. I could tell, even if they didn't say anything. He's been away before, but never like this. No phone calls, no letters. And I've searched everywhere. He just vanished."
"Well. My agents inform me that he left the country under a false identity about four weeks ago, but after that the trail went cold."
"Anya, did you notice anything peculiar about his demeanor lately?"
"No. I don't know. Depression, maybe. Sometimes he doesn't talk for a day. Just like in the asylum. You know how he is. Always brooding."
"I can't go after him, Grace. I have to stay here and watch over my girls. You're the head of the FBI. Isn't there anything you can do?"
"Listen. Trust me, if there was anything any of the agencies could do girl, you know I would be all over that shit. You know what the bottom line is? He doesn't want to be found, Anya. And if B.J. fucking Blazkowicz doesn't want to be found, there is nothing and no one on God's green earth that's gonna find his ass."
"Yeah, it's fucked.
―Anya and Grace on B.J.'s disappearance.[src]
"Our girls can handle anything."
―Anya to the group upon reuniting with them.[src]