Arthur Kenneth Blaze is a newscaster and talk show host, and a son of William J. Blazkowicz, protagonist of the Wolfenstein series. Born Arthur Blazkowicz, Arthur changed his surname from Blazkowicz to Blaze. to make it sound more showbiz-like.

He married Susan Elizabeth McMichaels and fathered the boy who would eventually rename himself Billy Blaze, the star of the Commander Keen series.

Billy, in turn, would be an ancestor to B.J. Blazkowicz (Doom) and Stan Blazkowicz, both marines of the Doom series.

Behind the scenes Edit

Arthur Kenneth Blaze does not appear to exist in MG reboot universe. Instead Sophia and Jess use the names of Arthur and Kenneth as nicknames for each other based on characters from a series of adventure novels. One of the Terror Twins apparently turns out be the mother of Commander Keen in that universe (and grandmother of Billy and Billie Blaze). There are no photos of Arthur Kenneth Blaze in the family photos (only Terror Twins, and William Blazkowicz).

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