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"A German Army service rifle with a fire selector for switching between automatic and burst fire mode. Useful when taking on multiple enemies at once at medium range."
―Journal description.[src]

The Assault Rifle 1946-T (German: Sturmgewehr 1946-T) is a weapon in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. It is the staple weapon of Nazi infantry throughout the game.


The Assault Rifle 1946 returns as the Assault rifle 46-T, featuring a slightly reworked internal design, a higher rate-of-fire and a 3 round burst option replacing the former's semi-automatic. Oddly enough, this version of the weapon has the same recoil reduction as the Assault Rifle 1960, making it reliable. It retains its ammunition and can be dual wielded. It is visually identical to the Assault Rifle 1946.

Near the end of the game this weapon can be seen used by certain Shamblers against Blazkowicz, however inaccurately due to their inability to aim down the sights.


Perk Upgrades:[]

  • Reload Mash: Allows the player to speed up the Assault Rifle 46-T's reload by mashing the reload button.


  • The Assault Rifle 1946-T was based on an experimental version of the StG 44. It has an undermounting foregrip that can be seen used by enemy personnel, but not by Blazkowicz himself. The foregrip automatically folds when the weapon is dropped.
    • As it uses the same model as the Assault Rifle 1946, the 46-T has only one magazine model that always shows bullets in it whether the weapon is currently empty or not.
  • The recoil is strangely higher when the 3-round burst is used, while it is lower when it is fired fully automatic.
  • Ammo drops for this weapon during the Nightmare sequences are collected from SS troopers and appear as Assault Rifle 1960 magazines, despite the latter not making an appearance in the game. 
  • The 46-T has an unusable bayonet attached underneath it's barrel.





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