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The Baltisches Auge (lit. “Baltic Eye"), also known as the Stomper, is an enemy machine in Wolfenstein: The New Order. It first appears during the prologue at the beachhead surrounding Deathshead's compound.


The Baltisches Auge is not a threat to the player unless they fire on it using the first flak cannon of the cliff side bunker. When it is attacked by the player, the Baltisches Auge will walk over to the bunker, turn around and begin charging its electrical weapon to fire at the player. If the player stays on the flak gun, the weapon will be fired and kills the player. If they leave the flak gun, the mech will return to patrolling the trenches. In order to knock out the Baltisches Auge, the player must aim at its glowing "eye" as it opens to fire the weapon. Around 3 shots to this area will cause the Baltisches Auge to collapse, and Fergus Reid will commend the player.


  • When the Player takes control of the Flak Cannons on the cliffside during the Prologue, the Baltisches Auge can be shot down by the Player with several hits at its "eye".
  • The Baltisches Auge is the first Nazi mech sighted in Wolfenstein: The New Order.
  • Posters in Deathshead's compound indicate that the electrical packs Nazi soldiers wear on their backs in this area are to protect them from the Baltisches Auges weapon.
  • There is a variant of Baltisches Auge named London Monitor as the boss in the game.
  • When you can target Baltisches Auge with the Flak cannon in Deathsheads compound, if you hit it twice and then walk away and wait for a few seconds, it will walk back to its original stance. During that time, the machine can take any amount of hits and it won't die.
  • Unlike the London Monitor, the Baltisches Auge does not have character profile in the COLLECTIBLES section. This is probably due to the fact that it is only met during the prologue and it's optional whether the player destroys it or not.