Battle Sense is a skill in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which is available to all classes. It improves the player's overall mobility and survivability in battle. The skill is very useful for all players, regardless of the role they play in the battle.

This skill rewards players for their bravery. Experience points are earned for surviving in combat, but only if you are an active fighter. The player's activity is rated as follows:

  • Cold: Not actively engaged in combat. (no XP gain)
  • Warm: Inflicting damage. (2 XP every 30 seconds survived)
  • Hot: Inflicting and receiving damage. (5 XP every 30 seconds survived)
  • Super-Hot: Killing and receiving damage. (8 XP every 30 seconds survived)

Skill Levels and Benefits[edit | edit source]

  • Battle Sense Level 1: Issued Binoculars - Level 1 gives you a pair of Binoculars which can be used to reconnoiter enemy positions. Only Covert Ops can use Binoculars to spot Land Mines for their teammates.
    • Note: Field Ops players are equipped with Binoculars by default, therefore they earn nothing at this level.
  • Battle Sense Level 2: Improved Physical Fitness - The powerful aerobic benefits of prolonged combat activity enable your Stamina bar to recharge at 160% of the normal rate.
  • Battle Sense Level 3: Improved Health - As a wily battle-hardened veteran, your combat expertise effectively increases your maximum Health by 15 points.
  • Battle Sense Level 4: Trap Awareness - Even if you're not a Covert Ops, you'll be able to sense enemy Land Mines without the aid of Binoculars. Any mines within a certain range will appear as translucent outlines in your field of vision. Unless you're a Covert Ops, you won't be able to spot them for your teammates.
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