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Berlin is the capital city of Nazi Germany. It had been mentioned and appear throughout the whole Wolfenstein series.

Wolfenstein 3D[]

Episode 3 takes place in the bunker under the Reichstag in Berlin, after Hitler fled his Führerbunker after events of Operation Eisenfaust.

Spear of Destiny[]

The 3rd campaign of Spear of Destiny takes place in Führerbunker in Reichs Chancellery in Berlin.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein[]

Heinrich Himmler returns to Berlin to consult the loss of Operation Resurrection with the Führer.


Central Command is located in Berlin. Some of the Black Market members wonder if you invading Berlin next.

Wolfenstein: The New Order[]

Eisenwald Prison is located in Berlin, B.J. Blazkowicz is going to save his fellow mate Fergus/Wyatt.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood[]

Berlin was mentioned in Youngblood, where it was taken by Messer, the second-in-command of German Armed Forces after overthrow the Third Reich from a coup.