Bessie was B.J.'s pet dog when he was a kid, and was William and Billie's companion in their youth.

Like B.J. and Zofia, she was frequently abused by Rip, B.J.s father, and her owner. Bessie would often lay aside with William and Zofia, notably being there when William's mother showed him the family heirloom.

In 1919, Bessie attacked Rip after the latter slapped Zofia unconscious, but kicked to the door and pushed out the room. Later that day, Rip called Bessie to her bowl in the basement, tying her and rants to B.J. about the old and weak, telling him it's "on you".

Depending on the players choice, Bessie was either killed by B.J. when Rip forced him to shoot her, or was killed by Rip when B.J. misses the shot. Regardless, B.J. was then forced to bury her in the farm's backyard. Zofia comforted William, telling him it would end better than it began, hugging him afterward.

In 1961, B.J. returns to Mesquite to collect Zofia's heirloom and recalls his memory of burying Bessie. In addition, Bessie appeared when B.J. met and befriended Billie, an African-American girl. Afterward, B.J. fixes Bessie's cross, recalling burying her in his childhood, and continues on into the house. Bessie's death is avenged by B.J., killing Rip for all the crimes he committed against her and his family.

Despite Bessie's short appearance, she showed herself to loyal and protective of B.J. and Zofia, attacking Rip when he slapped the latter in 1919.

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