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Set Roth with Bio-engineered Super Soldier Body.

"I feel... unstoppable. Like a fucking freight train."
―B.J. Blazkowicz on his new body.[src]

The Bio-engineered Super Soldier Body is the latest generation of Super Soldier body developed by Deathshead and Nazi scientists. Unlike the conventional chemically-enhanced, mentally-impaired and feral Super Soldier, this body is bio-engineered separately from the subject which enables the next generation of Super Soldier to function like a normal soldier while retaining the body's superhuman strength and endurance.

During BJ's coma, Caroline Becker stole the prototype of the body from a Nazi laboratory, which enables Set Roth to save BJ's life by transplanting his head onto the body. The heist of the body coincides with the demise of Deathshead, which prevents the Nazis from developing their Super Soldier program further.

Unlike the Da'at Yichud armor, it cannot shield against radiation. B.J. has to wear a protective suit to shield himself from high levels of radiation.


  • Battle Walker: A set of stilts that allow Blazkowicz to reach higher areas. They are also helpful for reaching objectives located behind walls. They can even provide cover behind larger vehicles and buildings. However, at the same time, it slows BJ's movement and he cannot run. This contraption can also be used to scare enemy soldiers due to its literal towering effects on B.J.
  • Ram Shackles: The Ram Shackles allow Blazkowicz to be an unstoppable force, plowing through breakable walls to reach new areas. In a pinch, he can also plow straight through enemies, basically killing soldiers by violently running through them causing to be smashed into a big pile of flesh and bone. However, against Super Soldiers, it can only stun them for a few moments.
  • Constrictor Harness: allow BJ to squeeze through tight spaces. Blazkowicz can fit through small crevices inside walls or even underwater pipes to move about undetected. The interesting fact about this function is that it can constrict BJ's body to fit narrow path without crushing his bones and tissues. However, prolonged use of this contraption can result to suffocation and eventual death.