The Black Guards (German: Schwarze Garde) or Paratroopers (German: Fallschirmjäger) are enemies in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They serve as Heinrich Himmler's personal SS bodyguards and are mostly armed with the deadly FG-42 paratrooper rifles. Highly dangerous, the Black Guards are first seen parachuting from a plane to engage Blazkowicz at the airbase and are then seen for the remainder of the game protecting the SS Paranormal Division in Castle Wolfenstein, the X-Labs in Norway and in the Secret Weapon Facility.


  • They are vulnerable whilst landing (most notably in Air Base Assault, when the player can engage them whilst they make a parachute landing) and 1-2 shots from a Mauser Rifle will destroy the parachute and instantly kill the Black Guard. Be warned though, once landed, their FG 42 Paratroop Rifles deal hefty damage per shot, and can kill an unwary player very quickly with a Sten or a Knife, especially on harder difficulties. Keeping distance from them is a good idea because their FG 42 will be spray and pray on longer ranges, you will have a good chance to snipe back before you are being hit.
  • Most of them have between 80 and 150 hit points, depending on the stage of the game you find them in. Despite, they are tougher than the standard Soldier, however they are still no match for Flamethrowers and Snooper rifles.


  • In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the Black Guards are peculiar as regardless of the weapon, the first headshot will only blow off their helmet and do double damage (even if in earlier missions, the scoped Mauser's doubled damage is sufficient to eliminate them). However, once they've lost their helmet, even a low damage attack (such as from a MP 40) will kill them straight away. Sometimes though, even if they do not appear to have a helmet, the damage effect is the same as if they had it: the first head shot only does double damage, the second is an instant kill (200 hit points).
  • Despite in the concept art the Black Guard is wielding Sten, almost all of them in game are issued FG 42. There is one soldier in the chateau level armed with a MP40.
  • In the New Order, the Black Guards are no longer parachute infantry, or at least those seen on-screen.
    • Additionally, there is no character profile in COLLECTIBLES even though the Black Guard is classic.
  • SS-Fallschirmjägerbataillon 500, or the 500th SS-Parachute Infantry Battalion, was a real-life unit of airborne troops in the Waffen-SS, formed at the direction of Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler in late 1943.
  • It is not explicitly stated that the Black Guard are part of the Waffen-SS in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but given that they are under Himmler's personal command and nearly everyone involved in his Special Projects Division is a member of the SS, these airborne troops would almost certainly be Waffen-SS.
  • The Black Guard troopers' standard helmet is the real-life 1940s German parachute infantry helmet, designed specifically for airborne troops. It was used by paratroopers of the Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS.