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The Black Revolutionary Front also known as the New York Resistance Cell is a resistance group led by Grace Walker that is based on the top of the Empire State Building. The group is notable for all of it's members, with the exception of Norman Caldwell, being African-American. Members of this group are often seen with Afro hairstyles, black leather jackets, and pins with Black Power and Black Nationalistic symbols.


The Black Revolutionary Front was established at some point in time before the Nazi occupation, as Grace Walker and Norman Caldwell were members before the occupation. After the Nazi occupation, the Black Revolutionary Front under Grace Walker resisted against the Nazis and became the only known resistance cell in New York City. To escape the radioactive fallout from the atomic bomb dropped on New York City, the Black Revolutionary Front established their headquarters on the top of the Empire State Building, which was tall enough to be unaffected by the radiation. In 1961, the Black Revolutionary Front was recruited into the Kreisau Circle by William J. Blazkowicz and would abandon the Empire State Building as it's headquarters.



  • The Black Revolutionary Front is heavily based off the various black power movements of the mid to late 20th century, such as the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Front.
  • Some members of the Black Revolutionary Front can be found wearing pins with the Black Panther Party logo and the slogan "Free Huey!" This is a reference to Black Panther Party founder Huey P. Newton.
  • It has been mentioned and shown that some members are computer experts, with decoding encrypted messages being apart of their specialty.
  • They often call each other "brother" or "sister," showing a tight bond between the Black Revolutionary Front.