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The Blazkowicz Estate.

The Blazkowicz estate is B.J. Blazkowicz's old childhood home, where he, his mother, and his pet dog Bessie lived a miserable life under the abusive treatment of B.J.'s father, Rip Blazkowicz.

After the Nazi occupation of the United States, Rip ratted out his former employer Frank, his former employee Archibald, and his wife Zofia, to the Nazis for being Jews. The Nazis commended Rip, and gifted him a 2.000 acre ranch in Forney Lake, at which point he abandoned the Blazkowicz estate. After the news claimed B.J. had been sighted near Roswell, Rip decided to return to the estate, guessing correctly that he'd be there. B.J. eventually executes his despicable and treacherous father in the same house where he suffered all the abuse throughout his childhood. Unfortunately, Rip had contact with Nazi forces through a telephone, who according to him, "heard everything". The house is later destroyed by the claws of the Ausmerzer, lifting it up into the sky and then dropping it as the connectors are destroyed by B.J., where he would later be captured and executed by the Nazis.

After B.J.'s supposed death, the house was meant to be used as a film set for the propaganda film Das Ende Alles Bosen, where the crimes of Blazkowicz would be horribly exaggerated and blown out of proportion, to cement him in the populace's minds as a mindless, degenerate terrorist. Unfortunately, due to the capture of the Ausmerzer by the American Resistance, the murder of Irene Engel on live TV and the Ubercommander in charge of the security of the film set, Erich Eberhardt, is killed by B.J., this was seemingly a failure.