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"What's all this then? Blazkowicz! Sir! Have you ever seen anythi---"
―Blondie's last words.[src]

Blondie was a British soldier who took part in the raid on Deathshead's Compound in 1946. He was killed after infiltrating the compound with Fergus Reid, William J. Blazkowicz, and Probst Wyatt III.


During the attack on Deathshead's Compound, Blondie was in the transport plane Condor 9 with Probst Wyatt III, Prendergast, Gates, and Benson. Although the plane was heavily damaged, Blazkowicz and Reid boarded it and helped stabilize it so it could crash-land off the coast of the compound.

Blondie and most of the passengers of the plane survived and moved inland engaging Nazi forces while Blazkowicz sabotaged the Nazi defenses. The team managed to enter the compound. when they were moving across the roofs of the buildings one, damaged by bombings. While fighting through the compound, Blondie and the group fell below after the building caved in under their weight.

The group awakened in a incinerator room, and had to escape once Wyatt accidently started the incinerators. After nearly surviving the ordeal, they went to the next room, that revealed several tanks of Super Soldiers. Blondie investigated them but was killed when one suddenly awoke, smashed its way out of its tank and crushed his skull. His death is avenged by Blazkowicz, Fergus, and Wyatt, but they are captured by Deathshead moments later.

It's unknown what happened to Blondie's body, but it can be assumed that it was burned, or experimented on by Deathshead.