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"So long, Blazkowicz. You make this count, alright."
―Bobby Bram to B.J. before his sacrifice.[src]

Bobby Bram was a member of the Kreisau Circle in Wolfenstein: The New Order.


Bobby Bram used to own a baker shop in South East London. During the Blitz, the baker shop was hit by a German bomb, but fortunately Bobby was out on an errand that day. The next week, Bobby was drafted into the Army. He kissed his wife Charlotte goodbye and was shipped out to the continent. Years later, he would visit her grave in Nazi-occupied London. The only thing that has kept him from falling apart during the dark post-war years has been the work he's done for the Kreisau Circle.

The New Order[]

"This big fucking disgrace of a building is the London Nautica. This used to be downtown London. Used to be fighting in the streets over here. I mean furious, unrelenting resistance. Then the Nazis brought in the London Monitor and everything went to shit from there. They just do whatsoever they please now. They've just fucking leveled everything and erected this fucking monstrosity. It's a top Nazi research facility, this is. Aviation, space, all-kinds of evil shit transpiring."
―Bobby Bram talking about the London Nautica to B.J. Blazkowicz.[src]

When B.J. meets Bobby, he's at his wits end, clearly having suffered from depression and is very short with Blazko. When he volunteers to take B.J. to the London Nautica, Bobby makes a point about him having no intention to continue fighting. Following through on this, he drops B.J. off nearby and asks him to "Make this count." before driving his car full of explosives straight into the Nautica's entrance way. Despite being fired upon by the entrance guard, his car races in through the front door, blowing up and destroying the entrance, allowing B.J. to get in easily.

At the Kreisau HQ, a poem can be found on Bobby's bed addressed to Charlotte.



  • A keyfob in the shape of the Quake III rocket launcher can be seen dangling from the ignition of Bram's car.