The boot is an improvised melee attack in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The boot does 15 hit points of damage, more than a frontal knife hit and any bullet except those of Mauser, Snooper and FG 42 rifles. Kicks can also break objects (including alarm switches), open doors (loudly) and sometimes even operate switches and levers.


The player will always use the left foot to kick. Between two kicks there is a delay of approximately 1.5 seconds; however in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, kicking does not hamper movement in any way, as the character can still climb ladders, boot and shoot in the same time.

It is surprisingly effective against zombie warriors, as they're limited to melee attacks as well, and their shields can't stop melee damage, from the boot or the knife. With enough footwork and patience it's possible to avoid their attacks completely, without firing your guns and boot them to their (second) death.

Contrary to in-game belief, you cannot kick grenades while the enemies can, you have to dodge them.

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