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Canada is a constitutional monarchy in North America. Its capital city is called Ottawa.

Wolfenstein: The New Order[]

Canada is a member of the Allied Forces during World War II. By 1946, the war in Europe was all but lost as Nazi Germany (MachineGames) has seen rapid advances in its wartime technology due to the efforts of General Wilhelm Strasse (MachineGames) , and Canada along with its American allies now faced imminent occupation from the expanding German Empire. By 1947, the Nazis had begun their advance upon Canada, with the Allies sinking a German U-Boat in the Cabot Strait north of Nova Scotia. On January 3rd, the Nazis began their invasion of Canada, followed by hundreds of warships steaming across the Atlantic Ocean. By 1948, the Nazis have begun their occupation of North America following the surrender of the United States of America, And Canada is likewise absorbed into the German Empire.

It is unknown what life was like in Canada under the rule of the Reich, but it can be assumed that the Reich took advantage of Canada's low population density to establish state-run farms that produce food.

By 1961, the Second American Revolution had begun and the Nazis' control over North America slowly but surely began to crumble, presumably leading to Canada's own liberation.