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Castle Erlangen (German for "achieve" or "obtain") is a "heavily guarded fortress" which serves as the location for one or two missions in Wolfenstein 3D (& Mac Family/Jaguar/3DO missions).

It originally appeared in Episode Five: "Trail of the Madman", however a separate source also names it as being the location of the preceding Episode Four: "A Dark Secret" as well.[1]

It is the location of the second mission of 2nd Encounter (Mac Family/Jaguar/3DO storyline), and Trail of the Madman also appears as separate mission in the 3rd Encounter.


Wolfenstein 3D[]

The castle is being used to hold the scientist behind the poisons of the upcoming Giftkrieg ("Poison War"), Otto Giftmacher, who serves as boss of Episode Four. BJ must fight through the castle to find and kill him, before descending into the deeper dungeons in Episode Five, to find the plans for the Giftkrieg. These plans are guarded by a second boss, Gretel Grösse.

2nd Encounter[]

Following B.J.'s mission to Dresden to stop Hans Grosse (for the 'second time'), operative Blazkowicz is sent to Castle Erlangen to stop the Nazi Scientists that are building nerve gas in direct violaton of the Geneva Convention. He was sent to the castle to seek out and eliminate the source. The Kommandant of the SS Guard there was Trans Grosse. He was ordered to kill him, and destroy the nerve gas. Millions of soldiers counted on him.

This was B.J.'s second encounter with Trans Grosse, the first time was during his mission to take the Spear of Destiny for the first time in Castle Nuremberg.

Following his raging success in his last mission defeating the forces of Trans Grosse and then escape the castle, operative Blazkowicz's continued on further (the same castle or Castle Hollehammer?). His next task was hard to believe, much less accomplish. The madman, Doctor Schabbs was evidenctly using a so-called "Corposkinetic Animation Serum" to return dead Nazi soldiers to life. He was ordered to stop Schabb's evil experiments.

Following this, B.J. was sent to East Prussia to the Wolf's Lair.

The real Erlangen[]

Smallwikipedialogo.png Wikipedia has an article on:

Erlangen is a real city in Bavaria, in southern central Germany.

In Erlangen was also a small castle, which is almost gone to this days. Only in the German Wikipedia...


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