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Castle Hollehammer (bad German for "Hellhammer") is the setting of Episode 2 of Wolfenstein 3D (and possibly Mission 3 of Original Encounter: Dr. Schabb's Research Laboratory).


The castle is a dark and decaying place, with numerous moss-covered stone walls and seemingly abandoned chambers. Entire sections of some floors are hidden behind secret doors. The Mutants appear throughout the entire castle, along with the more ordinary human guards.

The castle is being used by the evil Dr. Schabbs to create an army of undead Mutants, and BJ Blazkowicz must intervene to end Operation Eisenfaust.

Original Encounter[]

Following his raging success in his last mission at Castle Erlangen defeating the forces of Trans Grosse and then escaping the castle, operative Blazkowicz's continued on further to Dr. Schabb's Research Laboratory (to Castle Hollehammer?). His next task was hard to believe, much less accomplish. The madman, Doctor Schabbs was evidently using a so-called "Corposkinetic Animation Serum" to return dead Nazi soldiers to life. He was ordered to stop Schabb's evil experiments.

Following this he headed to Wolf's Lair to stop more of the madman's work.

Wolfenstein 3D (3rd Encounter)[]

B.J. had not been fully successful at stopping Dr. Schabbs, and was forced to return to Castle Hollenhammer and shut down Eisenfaust for good.


  • Before the name Wolfenstein 3D was finalized, "Hollehammer" was a candidate for the title of the game, suggested by Creative Director Tom Hall.[1][2]
  • "Hollehammer" is more correctly spelled "Höllenhammer" or "Hoellenhammer".[2]


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