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This page is about the weapon in Wolfenstein 3D. For the weapon in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, see Venom gun.

The Chain Gun is an automatic weapon used in Wolfenstein 3D. It has the highest rate of fire in the game, which makes it the most powerful weapon. It is useful against large crowds and bosses. The Chain Gun can first be found in E1M2.

The Chaingun is also the weapon used by most of bosses, and incidentally is the most useful against them, although they will never drop one when defeated.


As stated earlier, the Chain Gun excels at destroying large groups of guards. Try to be around medium distance from the crowd before firing. This will make it harder for the enemies to hit you and the sheer amount of bullets the Chain Gun can fire will easily compensate for the damage and accuracy dropoff.

Don't use the Chain Gun against mid groups of enemies (2-4 if there are no Mutants) or large groups (5+) of Guards; doing so is a waste of ammo. In higher difficulty levels, you'll need all the ammo you can get.

Note that if BJ already has a Chain Gun, he receives only bullets (up to 6) if he picks up another. Since it does not count toward any Treasure percentage and has no other benefits, the player should avoid picking up the Chain Gun if he already has one and his Ammo is full, as it is a valuable source of ammunition that is easily wasted. On the other hand, if BJ does not have a Machine Gun and happens to pick up a Chain Gun, he will also get a Machine Gun.

Trivia Edit

  • The Jaguar Chain Gun uses Doom's chaingun graphic as a base.
  • In real life, Chainguns have bullet belts instead of Magzines. Also Real life chainguns do not have a pistol grip.
  • Besides the player's chaingun, all bosses' chainguns' barrels do not spin. (Except Gretel Grosse).
  • The term "Chain gun" is actually improperly applied, as it only properly refers to single-barrel weapons. The multiple-barrel equivalent which would be correct is "gatling gun".
  • It is thought that the Venom is based on the chain gun, or even the chain gun itself (only slightly different, maybe an modern representation of the Chain Gun).