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Goddamnit, Blazkowicz. You done messed up. ━ William J. Blazkowicz waking up in a pit.

Prison is the first chapter of the Part I of Wolfenstein: The Old Boold. Occurs moments after Blazkowicz and Wesley are captured by Rudi Jäger and the nazi guards, starting with a cinematic that presents the opening credits and the main title of the game.


After William been knocked by the supersoldaten, nazis took away his officer's uniform and dragged him to the dungeons in the botton of the Castle Wolfenstein. There he was kicked into a pit by Rudi personally, becoming unconscious and barechested. When he woke up, heard to Wesley by a duct and told him they will escape somehow and, while Agent One related a story about his childhood, guards came to move him for interrogation in the amphitheater. Been alone in the hole, Blazko tried to climb a pipeline, but it brokes when he was halfway through. After recovering itself, he tried to climb again, this time with the broken pipe and managed to escape.

The area was plagued by supersoldaten carrying machine guns, so he was forced to be quiet and stealth to pass without alerting them. While he was moving across the dungeon, discovered that wasn't alone, there were combat dogs trained Jäger itself and could see how the hunter fed them with another prisoner. Continuing his travel, he ended on a block of mentally ill that were tortured by Rudi too. This reminded to Blazko the story of his cousin Sarah, who was with dementia in college and have to eat special pills that lulled her to sleep as treatment.

Once outside the prisoners block and the big mechanic dog that was patrolling the corridors, B.J. found Wesley being carried by Rudi aboard a boat powered by a cable. The officers turned off the energy, so all he had to do was restore it and take the next boat to follow Agent One across the gutter. All guards in the dungeon noticed his presence and had to defend the little ship until reach the water level controller, where he get psyching to the main keep.