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Veil Heavy Trooper making it's first appearance in this section of level and will then be encountered again throughout the rest of the game.

The Church mission (despite its name) features the Town street of Midtown with many ruined houses, probably the cause of a bombardment from the Nazis or Allies.


It is the second mission of Kreisau Circle right after from Dig Site as the player can see the energy, caused from the last mission, from the Church. This level features two new enemies, The Veil Heavy Trooper, the first prototype of the Black Sun Energy and the Despoiled, a powerful creature that was born out from the SS Soldier right after the Black Sun Explosion, when B.J. Blazkowicz had destroyed the device. This is also the first level to be heavily influenced by the Black Sun Dimension, which is why the sky is green.



The Church is located in Midtown East near the Golden Dawn Secret Safe-house. Before you go, it is advised that you buy some upgrades for your weapons before starting this mission as the enemies are quite tough.

Mission (step-by-step)[]


There are a total of nineteen gold, six Intel and One Tome found in this mission.