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The M1911A1 Colt has been the standard sidearm of the United States military throughout the 20th century. Designed by famous small arms designer John Browning. It was replaced by the Beretta 92 in the 1980s, but some elite branches of the military (such as the Marines' Force Recon) prefer it over the Beretta 92. It has also gained a strong following among civilian shooters.


  • Colt first appears soon after the start of first part of Mission 3, it's across from a small lake noted by a parachute. However, it may be missed by a player that isn't paying attention, or speed-running the level. When acquired, it will automatically move to dual wield mode. This can be switched back and forth using the same key bind used to bring up the scope.
  • The Colt is as accurate as the Luger and does slightly more damage (8 hit points). However, its ammo is extremely rare throughout the game and is shared by the Thompson, so if you plan on using the Thompson, don't use the Colt.
  • The Colt is quite loud when fired, so it is not recommended in stealth levels.
  • The Colt appears in Wolfenstein's (2009) single player. During the Tirpitz mission cutscene BJ uses one. Later in the game the Colt can be seen the Black Market Vendor's table placed down. It is unusable and unobtainable.


  • In MP, the Colt is the Allies' standard sidearm.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In real life, the WWII-era Colt M1911A1 used a 7-round magazine. Aftermarket magazines with larger capacities only became widely available post-war. It is possible the developers of RtCW were presuming the weapon to always be at its maximum 7+1 capacity (7 cartridges per magazine, plus 1 in the chamber), though this is made unfeasible by the weapon slide being racked upon every reload regardless of ammo count. The Real Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod fixes this issue by reducing the round count by one.