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Covert Ops is the name of a class in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The class is the only one that can use the scoped FG 42, silenced Sten and scoped and silenced M1 Garand for Allies and K43 for Axis and has the ability to wear a fallen enemy's clothing as a disguise, which allows him to infiltrate the enemy team.

The Covert Ops also has the ability to set Satchel Charges, in order to destroy enemy emplaced weaponry, command posts or other structures.

He can also deploy smoke grenades.

Covert Operations skill[]

This class-specific skill improves the player's skill in scoped weapons and subterfuge techniques. Experience points are earned for killing enemies by sniping them (more points for headshots), spotting landmines, stealing enemy uniforms, and killing players or destroying objectives with Satchel Charges.

  • Covert Operations Level 1: Improved Use of Scoped Weapon Ammunition - Each Ammo Pack you get from a Field Ops or Ammo Cabinet includes one extra clip of ammunition for your Scoped Weapon.
  • Covert Operations Level 2: Improved use of Sabotage and Misdirection - Your expertise allows you to use your Satchel Charges and Smoke Grenades more often: your Power Bar usage will be reduced by 1/3.
  • Covert Operations Level 3: Breath Control - Your mastery of the Sniper's art results in a 50% reduction in both recoil jump and weapon sway with Scoped Weapons.
  • Covert Operations Level 4: Assassin - Your expertise with the knife allows you an instant kill with any backstab.