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The symbol of the group.

The Crimson Bulldog is a mysterious cell of a Resistance network that responsible for giving Jessica Valiant three assassinated targets for her to avenge her husband, Jack Valiant's death by the hands of Hans Stiglitz, Chuck Lorentz, and Gerhardt Dunkel.


After Jessica completed her quest for vengeance, they sent her another letter of the Second American Revolution, being made by the American Resistance, and gave her the choice of taking part of the revolution, and gave her valuable targets to assist in the revolution.

It is possible that the Crimson Bulldog may in fact be under the command of a still living Winston Churchill considering that not only is the bulldog widely associated with the UK, Churchill’s nickname (given to him by civilians) was The Bulldog. It is also possible that this group is the remnants of the British Secret Service, hence why they were able contact Valiant, and know of her existence.