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"God damn. Should have listened to Bombate."
―B.J. if he is attacked by the crocodile in Manhattan.[src]

The Crocodile(Latin: Crocodylinae) is one of the minor enemies in the New Colossus. They often infest the ruins of New Orleans along with the entire ghetto complex of the area. Presumably the Nazis have mind controlled the creatures with Mind control technology from the Da'at Yichud. Nazis often feed captured resistance members to the reptiles.


"Hey, big friend. You better watch out for the crocodiles."
"Is not New York underground crawling with crocodiles?"
"Wouldn't know. I'm from Texas.
―Bombate and B.J. on crocodiles in New York City.[src]

They are first seen (optionally) in Manhattan subway, where B.J. would comment that he should have listened to Bombate. They also appear in New Orleans at the start, but can be avoided as it's shown on top of a car in the swamp.


  • Stay away from swamps or open water, such as in Manhattan and New Orleans.
  • Though easy to avoid, they can attack the player if they get too close and will tear down health, especially on the highest difficulties.



  • Bombate's prediction that there were crocodiles in the ruins of New York City can be attributed to the urban myth that tells of crocodiles living in the sewers there.
  • Similar to the Kampfhund, they will cause the player to fall the ground and bite the feet.