Cursed Sands is a prologue mission that only appears in the PS2 and Xbox console ports of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. They were designed by Three Wave.


There are seven different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: Ras el-HadidEdit

Main article: Ras el-Hadid


  • Make your way through the village.
  • Destroy all radio equipment.

Part 2: Inner CityEdit

Main article: Inner City


  • Contact Agent One by radio.
  • Gain access to the second courtyard.

Part 3: HeadquartersEdit

Main article: Headquarters


  • Contact Agent One by radio.
  • Infiltrate the Nazi Headquarters.
  • Obtain Nazi Documents.

Part 4: Ancient RuinsEdit

Main article: Ancient Ruins


  • Proceed through the ruins to the tomb's entrance.

Part 5: Ritual ChamberEdit

Main article: Ritual Chamber


  • Find an entrance to the tombs.
  • Gain access to the lower tombs.

Part 6: Burial TombsEdit

Main article: Burial Tombs


  • Pursue Helga through the tombs.
  • Locate an exit from the tombs.

Part 7: Eye of AnubisEdit

Main article: Eye of Anubis


  • Pursue Helga von Bulow.
  • Eliminate all of Helga's Elite Guards.
  • Locate the airfield.


  • In Tides Of War version of the campaign, there is some villagers who can be seen in Ras El-Hadid.
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