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The Cyberpilot is an Ubersoldat android created by the Nazis but it is reprogrammed to fight for the French Resistance and the protagonist of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot. While he is seen in pieces during the events of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, his full body can be seen, in the form of one of the many figurines that are acquired from collecting 3D Glasses.


Originally created by the Nazi scientist as an experimental advanced next-generation Ubersoldat that can work independently. The Cyberpilot was stolen by French Resistance members Maria and Jemma to reprogram him into their combat android to control Nazi robots to wreck havoc on the Nazi occupation in Neu-Paris.

Events of Cyberpilot[]

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Events of Youngblood[]

The Cyberpilot is mentioned by Julie Brandt during the mission to infiltrate Brother 3 Research and Development Facility in which he had attack the place a week before the Twins arrival in Neu-Paris.

He is under the repair and maintenance of Maria. It is unknown what happens to him after Lothar and Julie Brandt attack on the French Resistance HQ. It is possible that he survived due to his nature as a robot and will be programmed for future usage by Abby.


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  • The Cyberpilot is first Robot to be a protagonist in the Wolfenstein series.