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Dark Knight are enemies found in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which are basically Super Soldiers made into Undead Warriors by Marianna Blavatsky to resurrect Heinrich I. They appear in the final mission of the game: Heinrich. Dark Knights are basically the same as Undead Warriors, except with a larger size and have even more health than their counterparts.


Like the Undead Warrior, the only threat Dark Knights pose is their melee attack if you get too close to them. Use the powerful weapons or just use the Rifle and the Submachine Gun to deal with them if you want to save your ammunition for other foe. Dark Knights are much smarter than Undead Knights, as they will move away from grenades that are thrown at them, as well as Panzerfaust rockets.


  • The conversion into Dark Knights may have been flawed: the Dark Knights are far easier to defeat than Super Soldiers. Nobody is really sure why this is the case, but considering the Dark Knights are armed with swords and wear medieval-style armor, it's possible that they were intended as medieval super-warriors who have become dated, hence their weakness against available WWII-era weaponry.
  • If you do kill them, Heinrich will summon normal-sized Undead Knights to take their place.
  • Strangely, Dark Knights have human gibs.
  • While "Dark Knight" in English is a wordplay on "Dark Night", it isn't in German as "Night" is called "Nacht" and "Knight" is "Ritter".