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"Mein ultimatives Meisterwerk. Das Epos eines Jahrhunderts und mein Vermächtnis als Künstler. Wenn man mein Drehbuch liest, wird man die endlosen Stunden schätzen, die ich damit verbracht habe, sicherzustellen, dass jede Szene, jede Zeile, jede einzelne Silbe fehlerfrei ist.

(lit. "My ultimate masterpiece. The epic of a century and my legacy as an artist. When one reads my script, one will appreciate the endless hours I have spent making sure every scene, every line, every single syllable is flawless.")"

―Adolf Hitler about his Das Ende alles Bösen script on casting to B.J. role on Venus.[src]
"Die größte Geschichte aller Zeiten (EN: The greatest story of all time)"
―Movie tagline[src]

Adolf Hitler talking about his script next to a display with the movie poster.

Das Ende alles Bösen ("The End of All Evil") was a planned Nazi propaganda movie mentioned in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The movie was written by Adolf Hitler and was supposed to be directed by Helene Winter. Despite the Second American Revolution, it seems that the movie did indeed release after all, and it is even possible to see a remastered UVK version in 1980.



Movie poster in Paragon Pictures.

As of right now, not much is known about the plot. The only characters that are known to have appeared in the film are William Joseph Blazkowicz, a dog named Blondi (probably named after Hitler's own dog, a German Shepherd called Blondi) an orphanage teacher named Eva, unnamed German kids in an orphanage, a Nazi soldier and Hitler himself. The movie boiled down to just a huge Nazi propaganda film, portraying B.J. as an evil, heartless terrorist monster, and the German people and Nazi regime as the heroes and "good guys" of the story. One of the scenes in the movie (described by Helene Winter) depicted Blazkowicz going to blow up a German orphanage by planting a bomb in the dining hall, but first he had to fight a "brave" guard standing at the entrance, in a "brutal fight scene". During said fight, B.J. was meant to say, in the original script, "Your bravery is no match for a Neanderthal like myself. Besides, I only know how to fight in a dirty manner. Now to kill all the innocent children. Germany's future." but after B.J.'s audition on Venus, this line was likely changed to "Is that what you wanted? Is that what you had in mind, you Nazi assholes? Cause that's all you're getting!". After planting the bomb and destroying the orphanage, there was supposed to be a shot in the courtyard (described in Page 53 of the script) where Blondi was meant stop by the destroyed orphanage and lament. Then William Blazkowicz was supposed to be shown in a darkened room "looming over the dozens of tiny scattered bodies", presenting him as a villain. Next, he was to talk to one of the orphanage's teachers, Eva, cradling a deceased 8 year old girl, one of many casualties in this attack.

Eva (dramatically, weeping)

-A cold-blooded terrorist. That is what you are!

Blazkowicz (with evil contempt)

-And you're a Nazi whore!


-You monster! What are you going to do to me?


-I will rape and murder you!


-So many German innocent lives you have killed. But the German race will rise again.

Blazkowicz (barbaric and mercilessly)

-I will murder your dirty race too!

Then action of the film was supposed to move to Berghof, Bavarian Alps at morning time.

The movie poster shows B.J. on the ground with a hatchet lying near him (which suggests B.J. was likely going to die in the movie, perhaps as a "happy ending" for the German people of sorts) and behind him, a Nazi mech holding the Nazi flag, piloted by Hitler. (referencing the famous Mecha Hitler from Wolfenstein 3D, and suggesting that he'll be the one to kill Blazkowicz), and a blurred crowd behind them. In the background, mountains are visible (most likely the Bavarian Alps) and a castle very similar to Castle Wolfenstein.

Production of the Film[]

The New Colossus[]

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The B.J. role casting on Venus.

The movie was written and produced by Hitler and was to be directed by Frau Helene.

In 1961, there was an audition held in Venus to pick the actor who would play the role of B.J. Blazkowicz. Four actors were chosen to audition: Ronald Reagan, Johnny Anderson, Llewellyn Ewing and Jules Redfield, although the last was kidnapped by B.J. Blazkowicz who assumed his identity and attended in his stead. Reagan was killed first after he calls Hitler "Mister Hitler" instead of "Mein Fuhrer," who subsequently shot him after accusing Reagan of being a Jewish spy (or for this that he "was from Arizona"). After Reagan is shot dead, Hitler had Blazkowicz recite the lines. Hitler grew frustrated when Blazkowicz delivered the lines monotonously, but fortunately for Blazkowicz Hitler managed to calm himself down without shooting him, instead criticizing Blazkowicz for not understanding the supposed psychology of William Joseph Blazkowicz and talking about supposed masterpiece that is the movie instead after Anderson recited the lines better. Afterwards, Winter asks Ewing to perform an action scene followed by a recitation of new lines, but Ewing was injured by the Nazi Soldier who smacked him. Ewing's disastrous performance cost him his life when the dissatisfied Hitler shot him. Blazkowicz is summoned again to perform the action scene, and Blazkowicz brutally massacred the soldier playing the heroic guard. Hitler said that "he is better than perfect" after shooting Anderson simply because Hitler didn't need Anderson.

The movie is completely ruined after the capture of the Ausmerzer by the American Resistance and Irene Engel was executed by B.J. on live television signalling the Second American Revolution as well as the fact that Übercommander Erich Eberhardt and his men who in charge of the security of the film set are killed by B.J. Furthermore, B.J.'s rampages on the entire Venus base for four times to successfully get the Ausmerzer override code and killing three Übercommanders. Despite the murders, Hitler continued to write and produce the movie.

The Freedom Chronicles[]

(The following events are depicted in the Freedom chronicles which exist as works of fiction within the Wolfenstein setting; their veracity in the actual timeline is questionable at best.)

In The Diaries of Agent Silent Death in Paragon Pictures we can see a posters of the film that are a slightly different from the one on the Hitler's display on Venus. That can suggest that Nazis are still working on movie and it wasn't cancelled.


  • The movie poster for Das Ende alles Bösen is a parody of the 1961 Burt Topper film, "War Is Hell"[1] , with Blazkowicz and the mech piloted by Hitler taking the place of the two soldiers in a similiar pose.
    220px-War Is Hell (movie poster)

    The inspiration of the Das Ende alles Bösen movie poster, from the 1961 film "War is Hell".