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Das Luftschiff (The Airship) is a war movie produced in Nazi Germany for the UVK system.


The UVK version is described as a "director's cut", containing an additional 45 minutes of footage that was cut from the theatrical release. According to the UVK tape cover, this was the version that the director, Heironymus Hoch, wanted the audience to see. The movie is about a German airship crew and how they defended their vessel from terrorist attacks.


  • Das Luftschiff is a parody of the real-world 1981 war film, Das Boot, which was about a Kriegsmarine U-Boat crew in 1941. The existence of a director's cut of Das Luftschiff is a reference to how there were various versions of Das Boot produced (although Das Boot's director's cut only came out in the 1990s).
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