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Deathshead's Commandos (German: Totenkopfs Kommandoeinheiten) are elite members of the Schutzstaffel. They are infamous for being efficient, brutal, and merciless. Commandos are trained under the harshest of conditions in the Siberian training camps similar to the dreaded Gulags.

They all perished after the destruction of Deathshead's compound.

Weapons & Equipment[]

Deathshead's Commandos are issued a variety of weapons and equipment they use against their enemies. Their helmets cannot be taken off by BJ.


  • Assault Rifle: Commandos are issued the standard Assault Rifle of Nazi Germany. Whether it is from 1946 or 1960, commandos use these weapons as their primary.
  • Handgun 1960: In the beginning of Chapter 2, Asylum, a Commando is seen with a Handgun.


They behave like regular Soldier, although they have better stats and are thus more difficult to deal with. Taking them on must be done carefully, especially on higher difficulties. If the assault rifle is not enough to cope with them, upgraded Laserkraftwerk is a solid choice.

Unlike regular soldiers, their helmets cannot be obtained by shooting them in the head.

Advantages against you[]

  • Commandos have all the strengths of their regular counterparts.
  • Their extra armor allows commandos to take slightly extra damage.

Disadvantages against you[]

  • Commandos have all the disadvantages of the regular soldiers: they are vulnerable to headshots, throwing knives, and melee takedowns.
  • Despite being Elite-level enemies, they are not as durable as Riot Guards, Black Guards, or Space Marines.


  • They only appear in The Asylum, A New World, opening scene of London Nautica, Berlin Catacombs, and the cutscene when Blazkowicz shot the spindly torque at Deathshead's Compound.
  • The 1960 version was originally supposed to have a more high tech appearance, particularly with regards as to the helmet.
  • All commandos have the same designations on the armor ,,C3501 7521" (including Yurgen - handgun wielding, unmasked commando killed with knife in asylum opening cutscene)