Template:Infobox Enemy In the mission packs, the Devil Incarnate (German: Teufel in Menschengestalt) is the final boss. He is a demonic creature from Hell summoned by Hitler's unholy ritual. Using the Spear of Destiny, Hitler took control over the monster and commanded him to aid the Third Reich. Like the Angel of Death, you'll meet him after grabbing the Spear. His only attack is to fire orbs at you, but the orbs are very powerful and can kill in two to three hits at full health.

In the two episodes, he appears in different environments. In Return to Danger, he is in a fiery hell full of lava. In Ultimate Challenge, the demon is in a twisted futuristic dimension full of nuclear weaponry. In Return to Danger he is accompanied by ghosts and in Ultimate Challenge radioactive mist.


Before finding the Devil Incarnate, make sure that you've found a few secret locations with ammo and health. You'll need it.

When you find the Devil Incarnate, try to lure the Devil close to an area near a supply depot while firing at him so that you can quickly resupply without worrying if he moved to a different position.

After you have the Devil where you want him to be, get far enough away from him so that you have time and room to dodge his blasts. When you're in position, begin attacking him with the chain gun, but move when you see him fire orbs. When you see an orb fly past you, wait a second, then pop up and repeat the process.

After firing six or so orbs, he will pause to rest. Use this time to unload on him or grab supplies.

Unlike the Angel of Death, the ghosts in the level will be a major threat to you, as the level is infested with them and you'll have to pass by a few in order to wake up the Devil. Whenever you have a chance (such as when hiding from the Devil's orbs), check the area and put down any nearby ghosts. If there are about three or so near your position, it's time to move.


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Formgen claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Zeig was du kannst, du Feigling!"[1]
"Show what you can, you wimp!"[1] Spoken on seeing the player.
"Du bist der stärkste."[1]
"You are the strongest."[1] Spoken on death. Note, "störleste" does not exist as word in German language and is probably a spelling mistake. The most applicable word is "stärkste", which means "strongest".


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