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"The Dieselgewehr launches ignited diesel through the air with high velocity."
―Description of the Dieselgewehr.[src]

The Dieselgewehr (lit. "Diesel Rifle") is a flamethrower used by Super Soldier 1961 in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Unlike a traditional flamethrower, the Dieselgewehr utilizes a compressed motor to propel fireballs at the target rather than unleashing a steady stream of fire.

Much like the Lasergewehr, the Ubergewehr, or the Hammergewehr, it is classified as a heavy weapon that can deal great damage to armored enemies and mechanical units.

In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, it's known as the Dieselhammer, and can be upgraded.


This weapon has, so far, appeared in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Freedom Chronicles and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. They are usually carried by Super Soldiers or are mounted by soldiers, who also have Hammergewehr's and Lasergewehr's mounted as well.

Youngblood Upgrades[]

Nadel Set[]

  • Precise Injector:
  • Chocked Muzzle:
  • Tactical Grips:

Tempo Set[]

  • Rapid Injector:
  • Vented Muzzle:
  • Lightweight Grips:

Stier Set[]

  • Heavy Injector:
  • Heavy Muzzle:
  • Heavy Grips:


  • The Dieselgewehr is very useful in corridors where enemies are more likely to be clumped together. If used properly, it can be devastating against large groups of enemies.
  • Much like the other heavy weapons, the Dieselgewehr is very effective against armored units such as the Super Soldiers or Panzerhunds due to its high fire rate and powerful area-of-effect damage. However, it is risky to use against Zitadelle units due to their tendencies to be out in the open and the Dieselgewehr's reliance on close range and tight spaces.
  • It should be noted that the ammo capacity is relatively low and one should pay close attention to it. If your Dieselgewehr runs out of ammo, it is best to drop it and continue with standard weaponry, unless a fuel station or a dropped Dieselgewehr is nearby, in which case it can be refueled and used again.
  • Another flaw of the weapon if that if you charge it up to fire, the flaming fuel can block the player's vision in dark areas.
  • Super Soldier's using the weapons can hit you in cover with the weapon, as the explosion post hit can damaged the player.



  • Due to its reliance on diesel and powerful area-of-effect damage, the Dieselgewehr can be seen as the heavy counterpart of the Dieselkraftwerk.