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"The Dieselkraftwerk's Blitzen-Diesel canister ammunition sticks to wall and enemies on impact. These canisters can be remotely detonated. Dual-wielding the Dieselkraftwerk automactically detonates canisters on impact."
―In-game description upon getting the weapon.[src]

The Dieselkraftwerk (lit. "Diesel Power Plant") is a new weapon appearing in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. It is a variant of the Laserkraftwerk, which uses diesel-powered grenades as ammo.


The Dieselkraftwerk is only available in Wyatt's timeline. Therefore, in order to get the gun, BJ must choose to save Wyatt at the start of The New Colossus (or have already saved him in the New Order) to gain access to the weapon.


"Yingele. Take this. Wyatt came up with a basic concept. The design is not ay ay ay it's experimental, but it will be very useful."
"Does this end kill Nazis?"
"Oh... Enthusiastically so.
B.J. and Set Roth on the Dieselkraftwerk.[src]

The Dieselkraftwerk was designed by Set Roth, who was given the idea for it by Wyatt. It was later given to BJ on board the Eva's Hammer, who used it for various missions. B.J. loses the weapon after being captured by Irene Engel in Mesquite, but Anya Oliwa collected it and his other weapons to save him.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood[]

"The Dieselkraftwerk fires sticky diesel grenades that you can detonate from afar. Useful for destroying clamp locks or setting up traps before a fight."
―Description from the tutorial.[src]

The gun returns as a weapon of choice of one of the twin daughters of B.J. In Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Jessie "Jes" and Zofia "Soph" Blazkowicz obtain a Dieselkraftwerk from Brother 2. Before obtaining the weapon, Nazi soldiers discuss on testing the weapon, expressing joy at the prototype.

Function and use[]

The Dieselkraftwerk fires a diesel canister that can be set to explode on impact or be detonated remotely. Sticking a canister on a Nazi soldier does not sound the alarm, so you could potentially stick canisters on all the officers in an area and detonate them simultaneously. The canisters can also be stuck to walls and used as remote-detonated booby traps. In Youngblood, the weapon can be further upgraded to cause massive damage, and have attachments that cause fragmentations, or large area damage.


The New Colossus[]

  • Ignition muzzle: Ignite the diesel immediately upon leaving the barrel. This negates the option of detonating canisters remotely.
  • Supercharge: Hold the trigger to fire up to five diesel canisters at the same time.
  • Extended tank: Double up the diesel tank capacity.


Nadel Set[]

  • Napalm Injector:
  • Precise Fuel Tank:
  • Ricochet Attachment:
  • Tactical Grip:

Tempo Set[]

  • Multi Injector: Allows the weapon to fire in full-auto mode.
  • Quick Inject Fuel Tank:
  • Fragmentation Attachmnet:
  • Rapid Fire Grip:

Stier Set[]

  • Thermobaric Injector:
  • Heavy Fuel Tank:
  • Cluster Attachment: Ignites all diesel canisters, creating multiple explosions doing extra damage.
  • Heavy Grip:



  • The Dieselkraftwerk doesn't have any type of ironsights.
  • You can dual wield any combination of weapons in The New Colossus, except for this weapon and the Laserkraftwerk.
  • By 1980 the DieselKraftWerk is no longer a unique weapon to B.J or his kin. It seems that the weapon has been mass produced by the regime. This is somewhat strange considering that the weapon was made by Set, which means that, unlike the LaserKraftWerk, the Nazis never had access to it or to its design. This is further evidenced by the fact that in the Fergus timeline the DieselKraftWerk doesn't even exist.
    • In Youngblood, the Nazis have a Dieselkraftwerk as a prototype.
  • The DieselKraftWerk appears to be heavily inspired by the SCAR Gun from The Chonicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, which also fires out sticky grenade-like bullets that can be detonated. The only difference is that the SCAR Gun has unlimited ammo, and if you fire more than five rounds, one of the sticky bullets already fired will vanish. It is also worth mentioning that Assault on Dark Athena was created by the same group of people that worked on MachineGames' Wolfenstein games, making the similarities between the two weapons uncoincidental.