ETFakt is a very useful spawntimer and dynotimer for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

It can automatically detect the server settings so it knows the spawn interval of the teams. It can also detect what team your on. All you need to do is press a button and it will start the spawntimer. There are options so you can customize what it says with what your own words. There's an option that allows you to decide whether you want to echo the text or say it to team. If you say it to team it might not show up depending on what server due to the spam protection. You can also put commands in it too. Same with the dynotimer too. But it wont let you say to everyone. But you can avoid these problems by simply adding scripts in your config. For example if in 0 seconds you put /vstr dynamite 0 instead of putting Dynamite exploded! And then in your config just put set dynamite 0 "say Dynamite exploded!" There is also a minimizer and teamkill reply function included. The teamkill reply thing is basically if someone tks you it will automatically do something.

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