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Fleischer, as seen in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

"You want to fight me? I would slaughter you little girls!"
―Edgar Fleischer ranting over the Little Berlin Hospital’s loudspeaker.

Unterscharführer Edgar Fleischer, or “The Child Butcher from Hamburg”, as he was derogatorily referred to by the resistance, is one of the Übercommanders seen in Wolfenstein: Youngblood


His nickname seems to indicate that he was a psychopath even before joining the Nazi party, especially since he was referred to as a child murderer by Marianne Delacroix. His ranting over the loudspeaker at the Little Berlin hospital indicates that he is arrogant, boastful, and overconfident.


Little is known about his past, save for the fact that he was originally from Hamburg (hence his nickname) and the fact that he joined the Nazi party at one point. His derogatory nickname also indicates that he was a child murderer before joining the Schutzstaffel.

Edgar Fleischer is the Übercommander responsible for kidnapping resistance campaigner Marianne Delacroix and ordereing Dr. Ganz to begin the experimental brainwashing process on her. The Blazkowicz sisters were sent by the released Marianne to assassinate him in Little Berlin Hospital in New Paris. He escaped into a small room where he claims that no invaders can enter, but the sisters enter the room through an air duct, successfully killing him.

According to some Readables and Floppies, he reports directly to General Walter Winkler and Messer, another loyalist general, against Lothar Brandt's Fourth Reich cause. He reports to Messer about the deep connections the Fourth Reich has within the Third Reich, and how it threatens Berlin and the integrity of the regime as a whole.

He is bald, and wears a white coat over his gray uniform.


  • Despite being a Nazi, his uniform possesses US Military sergeant stripes. This is likely a mistake on the part of MachineGames.
  • Ubercommanders are supposed to be high-ranking people of importance, Unterscharführer ("Assistant Squad Leader") is a fairly junior SS enlisted rank equivalent to sergeant in the US Army.