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"The Elektrokraftwerk fires multiple areas of electricity that automictically target nearby enemies. The Electrokraftwerk can also be used to open doors and crates with super secure electronic locks."
―Description from the tutorial.[src]

The Elektrokraftwerk (lit. "Electric Power Plant") is powerful Tesla-based gun featured in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The gun fires multiple electric arcs that can hit more than one opponent at once and disable robots rapidly.


"Soph, this here Nazi frying machine looks perfect."
―Jess to Soph upon collecting the Elektrokraftwerk in Brother 3.[src]

The Elektrokraftwerk can be collected in Brother 3, being in the torture labs on one of the levels. The weapon is mainly used to open doors that have electric locks above them, making sure that no one can enter an area, or room.


  • It's best to only use the weapon to unlock rooms or areas to get health, armor, and collectibles due to there being a relatively low supply for ammo compared with other weaponry (this also goes for the other kraftwerks).
  • A great disadvantage with this weapon is the charge, as you might be cornered by Nazis and will have to wait. While waiting for the weapon to charge and begin shooting, you will possibly be downed by taking a high amount of damage.
  • It's also best to buy the modifications for this weapon, as it runs out of ammo quickly upon use.
  • If you need to use it in combat, it's best to use against armored enemies, or a large group of them as an undodgeable crowd controller.
  • Be careful when holding down the shoot button, as you might only be using it to open a door, and will lose battery ammo.
  • If using it on an enemy, it's best to not use on tanky enemies with high damage output (e.g. Super Soldiers), as it slowly chips heavy armor and you could be downed mid-usage.
  • The multi-arc attachment is useful against a large group of enemies, as many can be taken out quickly, and unarmored/lightly armored opponents (e.g. Neosoldaten, Technikers, Akademikers etc.) are vulnerable and easily taken down by this weapon.


Nadel Set[]

  • Focused Transformer:
  • Larger Battery:
  • Extended Coil:
  • Minimal Stock:

Tempo Set[]

  • Protective Transformer: Enables an alt-fire mode that deflects all projectiles using an electromagnetic field.
  • Larger Battery:
  • Lightweight Coil:
  • Skeletn Stock:

Stier Set[]

  • Multi Arc Transformer: Enables an alt-fire mode that fires an extra additional arc.
  • Larger Battery:
  • Shrouded Coil:
  • Heavy Stock:



  • It is possible that the Elektrokraftwerk is based off of the Tesla Gun, which has appeared in earlier Wolfenstein games, due to the very similar function and shared electricity use.