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"My God!"
―Schreiner to The Monstrosity, moments before his death.[src]

Obersturmführer Emmerich Schreiner is the tertiary antagonist of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


Schreiner comes from a middle-class family in Berlin, becoming one of the key members of Deathshead's senior staff. Schreiner was sent to Wulfburg by Deathshead himself to check up on Helga von Schabbs and the excavation underway there.

The Old Blood Edit

Schreinner serves only as a companion to Helga Von Schabbs as she excavates Wulfburg to The Monstrosity. He is, to quote Helga, rather incompetent as he fails to notice the missing folder. He'said look a bit of a coward though understandably against a 50 foot tall glowing mummy. 

Schreiner is mentioned in one of Helga's letters, calling him an "dreadful parody of a man" and stating she "will probably stock up more wine to get through it". [1]

Schreiner is first encountered when B.J. disguises himself as Franz, a waiter in a tavern, arguing with Helga on the dig site. Helga talks with Franz and allows him to drink the wine until Schreiner becomes furious, asking her what she is doing talking with the waiter. Helga tells him that he is a spy and stabs B.J. in the hand, causing Schreiner to pull out his handgun. Before they could kill B.J., Helga was radioed in that the miners cause an explosion with dynamite. B.J. stabs Schreiner with the knife and grabs his gun to shoot him before the eruption occurs, leading to Helga and Emmerich to escape and head to the dig site.

Schreiner and Helga can be heard arguing while B.J. gets closer to them, but he is eventually captured in their trap. Helga collects her book off of B.J. and awakes The Monstrosity, leading to Emmerich to praise Helga for her discovery. While Schreiner guards B.J. with his handgun, Helga is attacked by the Monstrosity. Frightened, Schreiner screams and shoots at the Monstrosity before the monster picks him up and bites off his head.


"Expecting that dreadful parody of a man, Schreiner, any day now. His letter said Deathshead has ordered him to oversee my project. Ha! We'll see about that! Will probably need to stock up on more wine to get me through that."
―Helga's note on Schreiner.[src]
Schreiner considered himself to be a professional at his duties, scolding Helga for her drunk behavior and calling him names. In addition, he appears to have a cowardly nature, being cautious much to Helga's annoyance due to her ambition. He is also incompetent and inept, not noticing Franz (B.J.) taking the folder or him being a spy.


  • He is The Old Blood counterpart of Prof. A. Zemph from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Both were been assigned to work with Helga (von Bulow in RtCW or Schabbs in TOB) and both were opposing Her orders and finally been killed.
  • His role is similar to Hans "Bubi" Winkle; as both were companions to the female antagonist, appeared little through the story, and were killed at the end of the game.



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