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"Mein Gott!(lit: "My God!")"
―Schreiner to The Monstrosity, moments before his death.[src]

Obersturmführer Emmerich Schreiner is the tertiary antagonist of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, being the secondary antagonist of the second half of the game entitled The Dark Secrets of Helga von Schabbs.


Schreiner comes from a middle-class family in Berlin, becoming one of the key members of Deathshead's senior staff. Schreiner is sent to Wulfburg by Deathshead himself to observe Helga von Schabbs and the excavation underway there.

The Old Blood[]

Schreiner is mentioned in one of Helga's letters, where she dismisses him as a "dreadful parody of a man".[1] He is first encountered when B.J. disguises himself as Franz, a waiter in a tavern, arguing with Helga about her progress; it is clear he doesn't take her interest in the occult seriously, to her frustration. Helga berates him with crude insults and places her attention on B.J., rhetorically asking Schreiner if he expects her to endure his company sober. He stands pensive in the background until Helga smashes the jug of wine, where upon he loses his patience, asking her what she is doing wasting time with a waiter. Helga, switching to English, tells him that he is a spy and stabs B.J. in the hand, causing Schreiner to pull out his handgun. Before they can kill B.J., Helga was radioed in that the miners had found an entrance that they were about to dynamite. B.J. stabs Schreiner with the knife and grabs his gun and attempts to shoot then before a massive eruption occurs, incapacitating B.J. and allowing the two Nazis to escape and head to the dig site.

Schreiner and Helga can be heard bitterly arguing as B.J. gets closer to them; he questions Helga's competence, only to be dismissed with an insult. B.J. is eventually captured in a rope trap. Helga cheerfully collects her book off of B.J. and awakes The Monstrosity, leading to Schreiner to, for once, praise Helga for her discovery. While Schreiner guards B.J. with his handgun, Helga is suddenly attacked by the Monstrosity. Frightened, Schreiner screams and desperately shoots at the Monstrosity before the monster picks him up and bites off his head.


"Expecting that dreadful parody of a man, Schreiner, any day now. His letter said Deathshead has ordered him to oversee my project. Ha! We'll see about that! Will probably need to stock up on more wine to get me through that."
―Helga's note on Schreiner.[src]

Schreiner is an unimaginative and stuffy administrator, every bit the by-the-book career officer. While he considers himself to be a professional and holding real power, he is inept and ineffectual, not noticing Franz (B.J. in disguise) taking the folder or even considering him suspicious. He scolds Helga for her drinking and crude barbs at his expense, but ultimately proves out of his depth while Helga unhesitatingly takes charge. He's shown to have at least some humanity, as he's visibly horrified when he sees all of Wulfburg in flames. Foolishly, he panics and attempts to shoot the Monstrosity after Helga's failure, resulting in a predictable end.


  • He is The Old Blood counterpart of Prof. A. Zemph from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Both were been assigned to work with Helga (von Bulow in RtCW or Schabbs in TOB) and both were opposing Her orders and finally been killed.
  • His role is similar to Hans "Bubi" Winkle; as both were companions to the female antagonist, appeared little through the story, and were killed at the end of the game.