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The Empire State Building was located in New York City in the American Territories, under occupation by Nazi Germany (MachineGames). One of the few skyscrapers left relatively intact after the Nazis attacked New York with the nuclear weapon, Der Bestrafer in 1948, the building served as the headquarters for the resistance cell located within the ruins of the city.


The structure still standing after twenty years of fires and intense radiation, the Empire State Building became the only habitable area on the city's surface, due in large part to the building's height. The American Resistance, led by Grace Walker lived here for a unspecified amount of time before being recruited by William J. Blazkowicz to help the Kreisau Circle liberate the American continent from Nazi occupation. Following an intense firefight with Nazi forces that had tracked Blazkowicz there, the Resistance abandoned the building for their new home aboard the captured Nazi U-Boat, the Eva's Hammer. However, B.J return there to assassinate one of the Übercommander. Following the successful Second American Revolution and the removal of Nazi forces from America, New York City and presumably the Empire State Building were once again under the control of the Global Resistance.