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Flag of England


OSA Headquarters in England.

England is one of the countries that make up the United Kingdom the British Empire. It is seen or mentioned in several games. It appears briefly in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein: The New Order.


It his country of origin for the deceased Wesley (Agent One) (though this was changed to Wales for Richard Wesley his counterpart). It is also the home country of the OSA Director.

Return to Castle WolfensteinEdit


London, England is soon to be bombed the SS Tirpitz which is off the English coast, though BJ destroys it.

The inside of the OSA HQ in England is shown briefly after Blazkowicz success.

The Old Blood/The New OrderEdit

In The Old Blood, England, and its capital London are under constant bombardment by the Nazis. By the time of The New Order, England has been captured by the Nazis, and London controlled by the London Monitor. The country continued to fiercely resist the occupation, until the Monitor destroyed the London resistance in its entirety. The Nazis subsequently leveled huge swaths of the city and replaced it with Nazi-inspired architecture, the most prominent structure being the monolithic London Nautica which serves as the hub for the entire German space program.

In 1960, B.J. Blazkowicz destroyed the London Monitor at the base of the Nautica. The subsequent death of General Deathshead later reignited the flames of resistance across England, along with the rest of Europe.

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